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Kris and the Riverbend Dutchmen

The Riverbend Dutchmen band from Mankato, Minnesota was formed in 2009 by bandleader Kris Keltgen. The band blends an up-tempo beat with the traditional dutchmen style made famous by so many of the great dutchmen bands from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Kris Keltgen has been performing old-time music since the age of four years old when he made regular appearances with his uncle’s band “Inside Straight” singing “Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie” at local service clubs. Encouraged by his family, Kris began playing the drums and later took up the piano. Once out of high school, Kris began playing with “Double Shot”, and later the “Plum Krazy” band. At the age of 29, Kris began playing the concertina, an instrument Kris always appreciated and enjoyed.  Kris now plays the concertina exclusively in addition to singing with his own band.

The Riverbend Dutchmen typically perform as a 6 piece band, but often perform as a 7 or 8 piece band for larger venues. This at a time when many of the larger bands are disappearing in favor of three or four piece bands. “I’ve always appreciated the versatility of a robust horn section”, says Kris. Other band members include Crystal Malek on drums, Bill Bardon and Mike Budin on tuba, Rick Keane, Jens Jensen, and Myron Muehlbauer rounding out the horn section.  The late Dick Ginn, former host of the Bandwagon program also played with the band until succumbing to cancer in April of 2013. “I’ve always been fortunate to have been surrounded by such talented musicians and mentors”, said Kris in a recent newspaper interview.

The bands schedule continues to get busier every year as the band becomes more popular. “Old time music is certainly not dead. It is good music and people continue to enjoy themselves”, says Kris while explaining the bands success and growing popularity. The band has had numerous nation-wide television appearances on the popular Mollie B Polka Party program on the RFD-TV network, appearances on KEYC-TV’s Bandwagon program, and numerous local broadcasts in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The band is regularly featured on radio stations with old-time programming across the United States and Canada.

For band schedule and booking information, or to inquire about album purchases, readers are encouraged to visit the bands website:, or call Kris at 507-243-3850. The band also maintains a Facebook page and regularly posts bookings, information, and pictures there for people to enjoy.