Save the Date: October 4-5, 2024



Alpensterne is one of the most unique and musically diversified groups performing today. The group performs some of Germany’s most loved folk songs with Jim Strehlke’s incredible jodeling. Jim mastered the art of European jodeling from one of Germany’s greatest, Sepp Diepolder. Recently he was hired by Walt Disney to jodel “The Silly Song” from Snow White which will be featured on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Jim has a wonderful singing voice, and plays trumpet, and baritone. One of the crowd favorite participation numbers is “name that tune” performed on the 15 foot Swiss Alphorn. Jim’s humor and banter with the audience is a real crowd pleaser.

On the accordion and button box is Eric Ray. Eric has been playing since he was 11 years old. He graduated from Duquesne University studying business and Ethnic music. Eric’s talent on these two difficult instruments add some serious Bavarian style to the group.

Joining Alpensterne as the youngest member is percussionist / vocalist / jodler, Erich Strehlke. Erich is Jim’s youngest son, and in the past has filled in with Alpensterne. Erich has worked himself into a regular position adding not only his talent a drummer but a great singer and jodler as well.

The most recent member to join Alpensterne is Aleks Strehlke. Aleks has been working with his dad and brother in the Contemporary Christian Music field for 10 years. Aleks joins Alpensterne adding back chunk rhythm guitar and the secondary bus driver.

Combined Alpensterne musical talents can’t be numbered by years but by their youth and spontaneity. Their authentic German singing and jodeling are true crowd pleasers. They are equally at home doing the standards, Latin, and all of your favorite musical genres. The group performs at many Upper Midwest largest German Festivals and Oktoberfests . The group performs in authentic German attire and has a true professional appearance.