Shirts and Skins Band

Shirts and Skirts BandShirts & Skins is one of the most dynamic touring bands in the upper Midwest. Their musicianship, exceptional training and dynamic show will have you captivated from the very first note. With a diverse song list, Shirts & Skins hits all genres and musical tastes. This is a band that brings passion, excitement, and positive energy to audiences all across the United States.

Comprised of seasoned veteran performers from some of the most popular bands throughout Twin Cities and the Midwest, Shirts & Skins represents the utmost in musicianship and professionalism. The band features a rotating set of two dynamic female lead singers, backed by a very solid core of talented musicians on drums, bass, and guitar, as well as electric fiddle and keyboard. Their broad instrumentation produces a versatile, full sound. Additionally, because every member of the band also sings, they are able to incorporate rich vocal harmonies and seamlessly transition between musical styles.

Shirts and Skins is a modular band. What does that mean to you? It means Shirts and Skins can become as small as a five piece playing smaller clubs, or as big as a ten piece playing to thousands of people at a festival. It means we can swap out utility players to make the ultimate funk band with a full horn section, be a country band with a fiddle player or a pop band with sax and keyboards. It also means we can send the members that fit the event best. So if you need a country band…we send our members that know country best. If you want hard hitting rockers-we can send our members that have experience with metal, rock and punk. But how can we make sure the product stays at the same level of awesomeness? We practice together. We train together. We travel together and we have fun together. Everyone in our organization knows all of our arrangements, all the choreography and all the equipment. There is no need for subs when you have three guitar players (et all) that rehearse together for the same goal! A custom, high energy band for your event with absolutely no subs. Ever.

Shirts & Skins plays a wide variety of events, including corporate events, weddings, casinos, festivals, and bar shows. They focus on dance-able hit songs, with enough variety to please all listeners. Their set lists are custom tailored for every event, featuring contemporary Pop, Classic Rock (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s), Funk, Blues, and Classic/Modern Country. With the rotating singers, it’s easy to play up the strengths of each singer and to the needs of each event or venue.

You’ll be thrilled with Shirts and Skins, as this is a band that keeps the crowd singing and dancing all night!

WEBSITE: Shirts and Skins Band